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Duck Orion v3, TX-CP, Infinity ErgoDox, PayPal
Leopold FC660M PD or similar 65% (preferably with silent switches, otherwise linear)Mechcables Laser Midnight Custom-Sleeved USB CablesErgodox with White PVC FalbaTech Case, Zealencios, thick PBT blanks
GSUS or OG Panda switchesOrion V1, Dolphin V3, KMAC 2, KMAC Happy, TGR Jane CE, XDA Milestone, OTD Red Alert, Paypal
Canoe limited edition
Death Caps
Rama M60-A, Switches
Artisan - Nox Tantovile Data Weaver Keybuto III
60% case or recommendationsAlps Compatible Stabilizers, Alps %60 pcbHoly GSUS switches, GSUS switchesArtisans
Artisans,Novatouch Sliders, Mods
vortex Pok3r rgb, cherry mx blues
2u spacebar clear, GMK Laser tab & shiftArtisan keycaps (Murrays, Janus/Dante, Bheezele bois, etc.)
Holiday Themed Artisans + MoreKeyForge Purple Drank Mulder v3, Switches, GMK, Artisans
Backlit White P0k3r with blue switches, 2 keycap sets still in box
Black M65-A
Artisans ETF, KF, JAK
Artisans, XDA Canvas R2 (Text Hobbyist & Exotic)