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MX Keycaps TKLJapanese Language Keysetsunbuilt TKL custom kit + tactile switchesGMK Pristine, GMK Olivia, GMK Penumbra SolarizedAny Ducky TKLs except ducky one, TKLs with brownsFully assembled Keebio Viterbi or BFO-900096-key plate60% Board with brown switches or equivalentSky Blue NPKC GradientHydrated Golem
GMK Laser Cyberdeck Keycap SetMassdrop ALT, Massdrop CTRL, other 65% to TKL boards with RGBBlack Tris CE, Blue AlpsGMK Muted AccentsK Bares Miami Dolch DSA Base + Ortho setGMK serika & red samuraiPayPal, Artisans for sale
SA AbyssGMK Royal Alpha R1 w/ white modsRed Samurai NishiR5/R6 GREY Tilde/PrimeWhite directional layout chiwi60 with pcb and stabsTriple Shot ClackLocal SolderingSA Pulse Mitolet, R2 Dev/TTY, PayPal