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Custom weighted leather desk matProtozoa 01 + 02 - Aluminium cases for Discipline and Mysterium
First Attempt at designing keycaps, would anybody be interested if these were run by GMK?
Optical Switch ICArtisans Interest Check
TOR65 - A "crystal" sandwich (x-post)
GMK Gregory - Vendors and Full BoY Support Added
KeyPlus Mini PCB Production Run Interest CheckDCS Physics
GMK Red Devils - Updated Kits/Renders, Date, & Vendors!
GMK MoominKK75 Keyboard Kit
gaff. 60 - HHKB
Elongate - A Mini 1800 Keyboard
IBM Model M Mechanical KeyboardInfinity 68
GMK Dolch R5 and OG Spacekeys
Custom Atreus acrylic/carbon steel case
Moyu Black (墨玉黑) SwitchesMysterium PCB Kits & Duck Octagon FR4 plate
Danny Phantom - Linear Blue Switch (Durock)Aluminium case for Discipline & Mysterium
Brass 1.5mm Plate for MysteriumClarabelle - The Southpaw “Mini-1800”
BMEK - Alice-like with HHKB Layout