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Polycarb IGK64s Bundle (Ink Blacks, 3 Plates), Chalk Keycaps, Box Whites
GMK Nautilus R1 (Base+Spacebar), fc660c
ErgodoxEZ with Gateron Browns, tilt/tent kit and wrist rests
Aknyang White Acrylic AliceErgoDox EZ Shine
Matrix 8X v2.0 Korea ver. / TGR Prototype WKL
EPBT Slate (Base and 40s), DSA Scientific (Alphas and Ortho), SA Carbon (Warning Signs, Novelties, and Professional Ergodox)
GMK 8008 Base x 3, Modern Kit, Accent kit
GMK 8008 base & accent bundleKbd67mkii e-white hotswap, Kbd67mkii polycarbonate hotswap,
KBD67 MKII black soldered
Clear Acrylic WKL TKL Kit with H87a PCBLove TKL, Heavy-6, CRP Hebrew R2
Tada 68, Wyse WY60, Levinson, Leopold FC660M
Artisan Sale Everything must go!!!!! Alien Loki buu TXD carebare kbdfans np pbt keycaps Epbt black Japanese
SA Bliss Base Kit
WoB/BoW Icon Extension RAMA Artisans
Iris with stainless plates, MX brows, and room for a rotary knob on both sides
60 x Lubed & Filmed Gat Black Inks
Alps SKCM Orange, Alps SKCL Lock, Variety of Alps Keycaps & Stabilizers, ADB Cables
Exclusive E6.5 Bundle
My First Build GK64 in Wood Case with Box Brown/Jade Switches
2.4 ghz Wireless Mech Keyboard W200 MX Red Silent
Unholy Pandas, GMK Carbon R2 Bone Icon Ext